Family Values

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Released in January 2009 by Penguin Books, Family Values by Abha Dawesar was short-listed for the Prix Fémina and the Prix Médicis Etranger in France.

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From the back cover: [pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”] A brilliantly told story of the ordinary yet remarkable relationships that blood and proximity generate. This saga of a Delhi family seen through the eyes of a young boy has all the expected passions—the rivalries, the betrayals, the hatreds and the odd moments of love and loyalty. It is Dawesar’s dispassionate and detached tone that gives Family Values its extraordinary power. Her controlled prose and unflinching gaze cut through the lies and hypocrisies, boring into the very bones of family life. The silent, observant boy notes his grandfather’s consistent meanness to his sons and his daughter; he watches his uncles’ greed and avariciousness; his aunt’s resigned despair, his cousin’s determined self-destruction. But the boy and his parents have created their small oasis of grace; amid the plywood and plastic of their mean surroundings are love, generosity and respect. Dawesar’s insights are profound and all the more compelling for the spare, austere quality of her writing. This is a bold, original book from the author of That Summer in Paris, Babyji and The Three of Us.[/pullquote]


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What critics have said:

“One turns the page because the story is intriguing, the voice intelligent and wry, and most of all, here is a story about us in a voice that is our own, about the India of the last few years and yet, about one family living in a city.” –The Bangalore Pages, March 2009

“Her voice is firm and her gaze unflinching.” — Outlook India, March 2009

“..bold and compelling reading.” — Woman’s Era, February 2009

“…elle s’impose avec L’Inde en Héritage comme une signature indispensable à la littérature mondial.” –Le Quotidien, Luxembourg, le 12 août 2009

Critique du Figaro.

“Le récit parfait et effrayant des avanies subies par un jeune garçon…” la critique du Monde.[/two_third_last]


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