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In the next five years, half of the income of leading pharmaceutical enterprises will come from inno

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 As for the high proportion of R & D expenses, it is mainly due to the increase of R & D investment in biological drugs, small molecule innovative drugs and imported innovative drugs, and the increase of investment in Innovation Incubation Platform during the reporting period. In recent years, guided by innovation and internationalization, we have vigorously developed strategic products, continuously improved the drug R & D system of "combination of imitation and innovation", and constantly increased the construction of "4 + 3" R & D platform (four platforms: biological drugs, small molecule innovative drugs, high-value generic drugs, new technology treatment; three systems: internal research and development, licensing and introduction, and deep incubation).

At present, innovation and R & D has gradually entered the intensive harvest period. In terms of macromolecules, trastuzumab for hlx02 for injection (hanquyou; EU trade name: zercepac) was approved for marketing in the EU and China in July and August respectively; hlx04 (recombinant anti VEGF humanized monoclonal antibody injection) was applied for marketing registration of metastatic colorectal cancer and advanced, metastatic or recurrent non-small cell cancer In terms of small molecules, orin1001's phase IB clinical trial for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis was approved by FDA
On the whole, the integrity and competitiveness of the whole innovation system are being further improved by continuously strengthening the innovation ability. In fact, the current focus on innovation is also the epitome of most domestic top pharmaceutical enterprises. In recent years, under the resonance of policy, market access, financing channels, talents and other factors, innovation and development has become the general trend. At the same time, with the expansion of the national procurement with volume, ordinary generic drugs have entered the era of meager profits, and innovative drugs with high technical barriers have become the research and development direction of pharmaceutical enterprises.
At present, pharmaceutical enterprises focusing on innovation are emerging in the industry. Among them, many head pharmaceutical enterprises have become the driving force of domestic pharmaceutical innovation. Early products are generic broad-spectrum anticancer drugs and surgical drugs, such as docetaxel, irinotecan, ioversol, etc. the generic drugs cover many medical fields such as tumor, angiography, anesthesia, diabetes and cardiovascular.
Some data show that in 2016, it has obtained 7 clinical approvals for innovative drugs and 36 clinical approvals for generic drugs; by 2019, it has obtained 29 clinical approvals for innovative drugs and 2 clinical approvals for generic drugs.
In this regard, industry investors believe that although the current pattern of China is 4000 or 5000 pharmaceutical enterprises, most of them are generic pharmaceutical enterprises. However, with the long-term impact of "4 + 7" procurement with quantity and the influence of the state encouraging innovative drugs, the future is bound to form a polarized competition pattern. "On the one hand, there are a large number of innovative pharmaceutical companies. In the past, a lot of fast follow (follow-up innovation) has been done. In the future, we will see many first class enterprises appear. On the other hand, ordinary enterprises are either changed, integrated or withdrawn from the market. "
In addition, some industry experts said, "in the next five-year cycle, more than half of the revenue of the top pharmaceutical companies should come from innovative drugs, not generic drugs. That is to say, the whole industry will enter the era of innovation guidance."
Generally speaking, in the past few decades, China has been in the stage of development, and the medical and health services provided are mainly based on basic medical care. With the further development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for innovative drugs to improve the quality of life is becoming more and more important after the basic medical and health conditions are guaranteed. Under the background of the huge medical demand, it is expected to stimulate and cultivate several local pharmaceutical innovation giants in China.

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