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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Proust and a certain sense of time in our information age

Véronique Aubouy has been filming people of all nationalities (but primarily in Europe, I believe) reading aloud from Proust's Remembrance. I first met her to read a section at the Luxembourg Gardens and learned of an upcoming phase in this project that would occur over the internet. That time is now here. Everyone is invited to read a page from Proust starting 27th September 2008 at 12pm GMT. You can participate in this project by signing up on Le Baiser de la Matrice. Véronique has worked with La Villette to develop a site where readings can happen simultaneously over a short period of time to produce a 170 hour film. I'm guessing that the internet-web cam filmed sections of Proust will eventually be shown along with the other parts in order. Since I read for Véronique there have been at least two such screenings. Among other features of this project one of the people who has read was a young boy and he reappears later marking the age of Proust himself in these narratives. More sadly, some of those who have read are no more. Participating in this project and becoming a part of this communal reflection on Time is an experience
I strongly recommend. Please pass the word to those around you.

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Anonymous Sarrah said...

Hi Abha,
I chanced upon your blog. I love your incisive phrasing. I'd like to subscribe to your blog via RSS feed. That way, each of your blog posts notifies me. Where on your site/blog is the feed?
Thank you!

3:54 PM  
Anonymous luclebelge said...

je recommande Babyji sur mon blog: http://luclebelge.skynetblogs.be/

Belle écriture que la vôtre, merci

5:53 AM  

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